Guardian Hardware Site

Guardian Hardware Site Design

This design took a lot of learning to make. It
required the use of PHP/Databases, which I'm
not that well versed in. I took the challenge
and made a successful product.

I chose white and gray to make the page professional
and yet have a feel for the products it displays.
The fonts are muted down and simple yet elegant
making the page seem more edgy while keeping
its professional look.
I kept to the needs of the design and included
the information on the products as well.

Overall this design was pleasing to work with.

This design was for my Web Design II class
where we took the design from the
Ontario Equestrian web page for
Canada and re-designed it. This was
one of my favorite projects.

I chose green to represent the element of
outdoors and yet remain professional.
The dark green signifies stability,
calm, and yet it's energetic. I chose
a simple theme with minimal effects to
give it a clean look that was modern
yet classy while incorporating the key
structures to their page like the
calendar and news section. The parallax
slider gave the design more depth while
keeping it simple, and the footer kept
all their links in a more organized

Overall I am very pleased with this design.